Sunday, March 28, 2010

Walking with the Ball

February the 18th 2010

They started the session with some dry needling. Stuart says it feels weird but good as well. Sometimes it hurts a little, worth the pain as he feels he walks better after.

I have not been to physio with Stuart for ages and what an improvement. Marcus had him walking around the room bouncing the swiss ball. This has Stuart working very hard on his balance.

He then showed me what he could do on the wobble board, his core strength has got developed so much. Spasms are still a bit of an issue though.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stuart's Wheels to Recovery

Wagga Wagga Cycling Club are organizing a fundraiser for Stuart on the 27th of Febuary 2010. See the flyer attached.

Tickets available for you to purchase from Morgan Street Cycle Shop or from Iain (0427 238890) or Beth (0438 261358). We need to have tickets purchased by Monday the 22nd to make it a worthwhile night. The curries relatively mild and there will be vegetarian options as well. Get your friends together for a great social evening.


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Monday, February 1, 2010

More work hours

February 2nd-5th

Tuesday 2nd
Stuart had an appointment with his GP and Emma (work options) on Tuesday and he is going to increase his hrs at work to 3 full days and 2 half days on Tuesday and Thursday where he will continue with his physio in the afternoons. He was very happy with this.

Thursady 4th

Jessica and I went to physio with Stuart on Thursday, he does much the same each session and is definitely getting stronger and more confidence in what he can do. His balance has also improved as he develops his core strength. He works his core when they do the catching exercises with the swiss ball and the footy.

Walking, how good is this!!

Swiss ball catch and kneeling.

Friday 5th
Start had a visit from Emma(work options) at Rex today and they are hoping that in a few months he can go back onto the hangar floor to do some work on the aircraft, they will be doing a major install and he thinks that he can help with parts of it by sitting on a high office chair. He has also stepped up his work hours to 34 hours a week, this allows him to work Tuesday and Thursday morning and still make it to physio in the afternoons.

Where has January Gone

19th-31st January
Where do the days go!
All goes well at No. 1 Kauri Place.
Stuart has had a roll around the drive on the mower....a practice run without any grass.

Stuart continues along his road to recovery. Has got the work/ physio timetable working well and continues to enjoy work. Marcus continues to push him to his limits at physio.

Stuart and Amy both survived Sydney's Big Day Out, they had a great time.

The BDO was amazing, Amy and I flew up on the Thursday and traveled down to Wollongong together. After spending the few days catching up with friends Dave, Myself and a few other mates headed up to Sydney on the Saturday. Highlight bands seen were The Temper Trap, Passion Pit, Miami Horror, Lily Allan and Muse. It was a bit different this time around as last time I was at the BDO I didn't have my wheelchair. But everyone was helpful and it was relativly easy to get around.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Walking without crutches

Tuesday 19th January.
Stuart was still having breakfast when Debbie (case manager) arrived for a home visit this morning. She is very happy with Stuart's recovery since being home. Getting back to work so quickly, continuing to progress with his physio rehab. Also coping with life out of hospital, fitting back into family life and managing in the house as is. The only mods so far are the two ramps from the courtyard.
I went with Stuart to physio today. Usual start to the session with Marcus giving Stuart a serious workout on the plinth, massaging his gluts and stretching his hamstrings.

He then got up and went for a walk around the crutches. Well done mate. What an effort. Marcus was close by, ready to catch?? if/when Stuart lost his balance.

Managed one lap around the gym before flopping onto the plinth for a few seconds rest. Marcus had gone to get the Swiss ball to start their game of catch and bowling/rolling the ball. Followed by a few minutes balancing on the wobble board. Finished of with the electro stimulation on his lower back and ??

Wednesday 20th January
Stuart went to work today and then to the movies tonight. He and Amy are off to Sydney tomorrow and heading to the Big Day Out over the weekend. Am sure they will have a good weekend and we will have some blogs for you next week.

Another week down

11th -17th January

Another week has passed and Stuart continues to progress. He is coping well with the extra hours at work (three eight hour days) and still attending physio Tuesday and Thursday.
We had a trip to Junee on the 12th for Stuart's court appearance. He has be charged with negligent driving, well riding. He has adjourned, to reappear early in March. It was a rather hot day to be out and about, the temperature was hitting 40 degrees on our way back into town.
I did not make it to either physio session this week. So sorry no videos!! However Marcus had Stuart working as hard as ever....even walking a short distance without crutches. We even have a photo or two taken by Marcus.

We had a great weekend, Stuart and Iain went tyre kicking on Saturday morning.....he is hoping to get some new wheels soon.
We had a visit from Chandani from Canberra and naturally had a beautiful Sri Lankan meal on Saturday night. Six different dishes, enjoyed by all.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thursday 7th January
Physio at 9 this morning. Holly started the session with Stuart on the plinth icing his right calf while she dry needled his right gluts. The needling is done to help the muscles relax, seems odd. But it increases blood flow which causes the muscle to relax, Stuart has very tight gluts.

Stuart then did some walking with one crutch, we lost count but am thinking he did at least 8 laps of the gym before he started to fatigue. Was walking really well with his feet further apart and swinging his right foot through. He was also spasm free....was it the ice or the needles or both??

Finished off with some swiss ball catch, made more difficult by standing on a foam mattress as well as having his feet closer together.

Stuart's chair cushion arrived today, it is one inch narrower than the demo cushion he has been using. He says it feels heaps better, more comfortable and his legs do not roll outwards as much.

Tuesday 5th January 2010

Stuart returned from Sydney the 'Gong' Monday night. He had had a great weekend and really enjoyed the cricket, beaut spot to watch the action from and did they see some action with the Aussies all out for 127

Stuart was back at work today, he continues to enjoy his new position.
He had and appointment with his GP and Emma(work options) and he can now work three eight hour days each week. And will continue with his rehab physio two days.

Holly (locum physio) put Stuart through his passes on Tuesday arvo. Did some deep muscle work on his lower back and gluts.

Stuart's right knee has been sore over the last few days. He has been icing it regularly to try and keep the swelling down.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010, the new year has began

Saturday 2nd December 2010

We had a most enjoyable Christmas, traveling out to Ardlethan for lunch with Nandi and Pa and the family. Iain,Maggie and I had to come back to Wagga Wagga Xmas night, for me to go to work and Maggie had to work Boxing Day. Stuart, Jess and Amy stayed over and had a couple of days at the farm.

They had a great time, did some spot lighting and managed to bag 16 foxes. Went to the trots in Leeton and generally just had a relaxing time with their grandparents.

Stuart had a hydrotherapy session early Xmas eve and is having a well earned break for a week or two. He worked the three days leading up to new year and has flown to Sydney today for the cricket tomorrow. Will be spending a few nights with his mate Dave in Woolongong and back home on Monday, returning to work on Tuesday.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Day

Friday 25th December

Wishing all the followers of our blog a Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2010.

Thankyou for traveling along Stuart's road to recovery with us and sharing in his rehabilitation. We look forward to keeping you up to date with his continuing progress through 2010.

Janet and Stu

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wobble Board Fun

Tuesday 20th December
I went to physio with Stuart today. Marcus certainly has him working hard. Started the session by walking down to the gym area on one crutch. He then did a circuit before coming back to the mini tramp to do some balancing and touching his toes. He then walked over near the plinth where Marcus then started to throw the swiss ball at him.....more balance /core strength stuff. I had Stuart trying to bounce it over Marcus's head. Then they had a game of catch with a rather flat rugby ball.

Stuart then got onto the wobble board, his legs did spasm a bit at times, it looked like hard work. He then got on the plinth for some release massage and stretching before Marcus applied the electro stimulation machine.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Work/physio/work- getting into a routine

Friday 18th December
I was back to work again today. I've have been really enjoying the challenge of work and loving the projects that they have got me working on. Who knows I might not want to go back to the hangar floor.
I was meant to go swimming in the morning but after my long week with heading to Sydney on Monday and back to work Wednesday, 4:30 was just a little bit to early to get out of bed. Once I get used heading back to work I should be fine to make it to the early morning physio sessions. I'm sorry it's been a while between posts, my days are getting rather busy now. But I will try to get some words up once a week.


Thursday 17th December
Stuart and the girls had a quiet morning at home before heading off to physio. I went to collect him and again was too late to see him in doing his physio routine. Had finished his workout and was on the plinth with the electro stimulation working away on his back. Will be there on Tuesday to catch some of the action. He has been standing on a wabble board. I am looking forward to seeing that as it is an exercise I find quite difficult.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First Day at Wgga Wagga Office

Wednesday 16th December

Off to work, first day here in Wagga Wagga. Stuart was up and ready to go with his packed lunch at 9.40. Had a shirt to wear today!!! What a hot day to start.

Stuart has got the stowing of his chair in the car down pat, am not sure that I would have the strength to lift it up and over myself and onto the passenger seat. He had already removed the cushion and was sitting on it before I started taking the photos. He then took the wheels off, dropped the back rest and lifted it in. Will have to get some of the whole operation in reverse.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back to Work

Tuesday 15th December

Sleep in today for Stuart. Was a little tired after his big day. First day a work plus the return flight to Sydney. A big day out.

Got a script sorted for my medications and then went to physio. Marcus has a set plan which has been working for the sessions lately. Begins with some balancing on the trampoline which tires me out rather quickly. Followed by some one crutch walking or stretching which ever is needed. I then stand up with out support and we bounce a swiss ball between each other which really works my core. I was rather tired when I got home so it was a quick dip in the pool and then off to bed.

Monday 14th December

All excited about Stuart's first day back at work tomorrow. Yet another milestone along his road to recovery. Will give him some independence, and be great to be back with his workmates. Reckons it will be better for him as he will be in an air conditioned office and not the hot hanger.
Little bit of tension in the house late Sunday evening as he could not find his work uniform!!!! It had been in a bag that came from the flat and they can all remember sorting through them. Luckily we found them later in the day.

I caught the 10:00 flight to Sydney but it was delayed a bit so it was not until midday that I got into Sydney. I was picked up from the Terminal and taken to Head office which is sort of just across the road from the Airport. But there are a lot of roads to cross so it was easier and safer to be collected.

I'll be helping out the Technical Support Engineers with a few projects that they don't have time to do. Which will keep me busy for a while. After my days work in Sydney I headed home on the 7:00 flight. Had a feed and then went to bed and slept really well!


Friday, December 11, 2009

A house full

Thursday 10th and Friday 11th December

Friday 11th December
Stuart was up and away before anyone woke for his 5.30 pool session and physio. Was pleased with himself as he has been walking in the shallow water, up to his knees and balancing with one hand only.
The young ones went go cart racing before Jess had to go to work. Alex was the fastest, with Jess a close second. Stuart had to drive with one hand on the wheel and the other was used to lift his right leg off the accelerator. Only managed 2 races but he is glad that he knows he can do it.
Stuart had a quiet afternoon, well they all did before heading out to the movies after dinner

Thursday 10th December
Another busy day, Stuart was up and about in time to drop Maggie at work and then meet a mate for breakfast.
I dropped in to see Stuart at physio. Marcus was giving his lower back and gluts(his little butt) a deep massage. Stuart had not done much walking this session as his legs were feeling the effect of his few days away. I left him resting with the Fes working on his lower back.

Stuart then had an appointment with Emma(work options) at REX. Just to make sure that the workplace was OK for Stuart to return eg access to toilets, ramps for his chair etc. All was good and he will start work on Monday. Stuart was very excited. Initially 18hrs per week-Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He will have physio Tuesdays and Thursdays plus a pool session early Friday if he can manage it.

We had a full house, Julie, Greg and Alex from Tailem Bend(SA) plus Jess's mate Tom and Dan(from the UK). I think the final count for dinner was 14 as 3 of Stuart's school mates called around as well. The more the merrier I say.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Marvel-lous trip to Sydney

Monday 7th -Wednesday 9th December


Bit of a mix up with the address the taxi driver was given, so Stuart and I rolled down the hill towards the Putney shops. After a couple of phone calls we found each other and were on our way to RNS.

Took ourselves up to 7D to see of we could leave our luggage there and said hello to some of the staff. We then went around to OT to find Alanna and Dave. Alas Dave was sick and Alanna on the ward. We would have to wait til lunchtime to show her the chair. The gang in physio were pretty impressed with the chair. All of them having a go, with Damien even making a step that he could try the suspension on. Don't think Jayne and Alex were that game.
I went downstairs with the physio team for smoko and Stuart went to X-ray for his test.
All went well and he can continue to pass urine as he needs and catheterize once or twice a day. It is good for him to go to bed with an empty bladder.

Found Alanna in OT and yes she to had a go in the new chair, lots of the other staff had a look as well. Am thinking the chair has been pulled apart at least 4 times already this morning. Stuart got a new pair of gloves of Alanna before we headed down the hill to catch the train from St Leonards into the city.

Stuart walked up the steps into the plane for our return trip to Wagga Wagga. There were plenty of Rex staff around to give him loads of encouragement. Well done mate.

He also walked down the steps onto the tarmac-for the first time in over 6 months and once again the Rex team were there to cheer him on.Rob even having a sit in the chair, being a mountain bike rider he was interested in the suspension. He is continuing to amaze us all with his determined progress.


Got a lift up the hill to Moorong at 9 with Alison's Mum. We were sitting out the front chatting when Ray arrived with the Marvel.

Took them a while to get it put together( to much talking and looking) before Stuart pushed it into the gym to fit /set the chair up for him. The width and length of the seat were changed to suit Stuart's current cushion. The height and angle of the backrest can also be changed with the turn of an alan key. The suspension can be turned on and off with the flick of a button. Am sure Stuart will be making many more fine adjustments over the next few weeks.
There was lots of interest and Stuart was itching to get in it and get outside to try the chair in the rough, test the suspension.

Took the chair outside with Viv and Ray to try the suspension on a gutter and some rough pavement.

Had our lunch on the verandah with Melissa and Serg.
Stuart then was told there was a spot at RNS tomorrow at 10 for him to have his bladder ultrasound and since we were not flying home until tomorrow evening we could do it. Yippee that means one less trip to Sydney. Stuart had a have a ward urinalysis test to make sure he had no urinary tract infection prior to tomorrows test. Result was negative so no antibiotic cover was needed.

Spent the rest of the afternoon catching up with the others still at Moorong and of course Stuart showing the chair to as many as he could. Shannon and Bill(peer support) were pretty impressed. Had some afternoon tea with Graham.

We were then picked up by Linda old friend(from living in the UK) and went across to Croydon for tea. We had not seen each other for about 4 years. They have only just returned from Qatar where Butch had been driving a crane. He also has a couple of old motor bikes that he is working on, he and Stuart spent sometime in the SHED.


Physio before lunch today, got a morning appointment as we were flying to Sydney later today.

Stuart and I caught the 1.30 Rex flight to Sydney. Good trip, just a little rough as we came in to land. Was a hot day in Sydney. Took as a while to get off the tarmac as a few of his Sydney based workmates came over to say hello.

Dropped Stuart at the Putney shops and I went up the hill to check into the Village(RRCS Accom) and then walked down to hill to meet Stuart and get some milk etc for our breakfasts. Not allowed to use toasters so just cereal and fruit for breakfast. It was quite a long push back up the hill. We were both rather hot and sweaty by the time we got to the top...I had been pushing as well!!
Spent the evening with Tristan and Meaghan.